About Fund

BOLASHAQ DEVELOPMENT FUND motivates future leaders, invests in their personal development and creates an educational environment without borders.


    • organization of trainings, business forums, conferences, etc .;

    • implementation of educational programs and international projects;

    • holding international educational exhibitions together with foreign educational institutions and organizations;

    • Association of Kazakhstani graduates from around the world.


Promoting activities in the field of education, science and enlightenment, focused on the intellectual and professional, as well as individual development..


    • Formation of the alumni community who have received education abroad to exchange experiences and ideas;

    • Improving the educational environment that supports the values of knowledge, professionalism and creativity among the youth of Kazakhstan;

    • Participation in the financing of projects, socially significant initiatives, programs and events aimed at improving the quality of work of the future specialists in various fields.

About Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan – the 9th largest country in the world is located in the central part of the Eurasian continent, at an equal distance from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The area of 2724.9 thousand square km allows Kazakhstan to be titled the 4th largest country in Eurasia. Scientists — surveyors presume that this area allows to simultaneously placing on the territory seven largest countries in Europe, such as France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Kazakhstan borders with Russia (on the east, north and north-west), China (on the south-east) and the countries of Central Asia – Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan (on the south). Border length of the vast country is 12.2 thousand km, 600 km of which run over the Caspian Sea.

About Education System in Kazakhstan:

The education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the principle of continuity of training programs includes the following levels of education system:

1) pre-school education and training;

2) primary education;

3) basic secondary education (11 classes);

3.1) basic secondary education (12 classes);

4) secondary education (general secondary education, technical and vocational education);

5) post-secondary education;

6) higher education;

7) postgraduate education.

There are a number of private schools like 12 grades private schools:

  • Haileybury Almaty
  •  Haileybury (Nur-Sultan)
  •  TAMOS Education
  •  Miras International School (Almaty)
  •  “TAMOS Education Physics and Mathematics School” (Almaty)
  •  Galaxy International School
  •  Miras International School (Nur-Sultan)
  •  School-Lyceum Nurorda (Nur-Sultan)
  •  Nurorda International School (Nur Sultan)
  •  Nur Sultan International School
  •  Bіlіm-innovation School for gifted girls and boys
  •  Economic Lyceum (Nur-Sultan)


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